The Gottardo souvenir shop.

Men’s T-shirt

gottarto t-shirt herren

Short-sleeved crew-neck T-shirt.  Imprint “Gottardo” on chest, “57” on left sleeve, “Berglinie” on the back below the neck and “Gottardo” inside the neck, with a “Gottardo” loop label on the hem. Quality: 100% cotton.


CHF 24.00


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Kids’ hoodie

gottaro hoodie unisex

Hoodie with lined hood (punched holes), shoulder panels with white piping, sleeves and hood in contrasting colours, white strings. Imprint “WLSC” on chest and “Gottardo” inside the neck, with a “Gottardo” loop label on the hem. Quality: 100% cotton, 310 g/m2


CHF 55.00


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Baby vest

gottaro baby body

Baby vest with white cuffs and a row of three nickel-free poppers. Imprint “Endlich Licht” on chest and “Gottardo” inside the neck. Quality: 100% cotton, ecotex 1.


CHF 20.00


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gottardo bag

Light bag/backpack of high quality polyester, with carrying handles and zipped outer pocket, adjustable draw cords also serve as shoulder straps. Material: Polyester / 300 x 450D. Size: ca. 32 x 45 cm.


CHF 18.00


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“Gottardo 2016” keychain

gottardo schlüsselanhänger

A keychain made from genuine rock from the Gotthard Base Tunnel. A social enterprise is responsible for working the rock into individual round stones, honing and polishing them and making them into keychains. Every chain is unique and may therefore vary in terms of the colour of the stones.

Each chain is sold together with its insert in high-quality, reusable frame packaging.

Swiss made, limited edition.


CHF 29.00


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Book “57 Menschen - 57 Geschichten. Jahrhundertbauwerk Gotthard-Basistunnel”


There’s no doubt about it: Switzerland is once again making history on the Gotthard line. The book to mark the tunnel’s opening tells the stories of 57 people with some connection to this once-in-a-lifetime construction project. The 57 portraits were taken by the renowned Swiss photographer Markus Bühler-Rasom and the profiles were written by a high-calibre team of authors.


Languages: German, Italian and French.


Available from June 2016


CHF 48.00


Children’s book “Durch den Gotthard – Bau und Betrieb des Basistunnels”


From setting up the construction sites to finding a use for the excavated material, from blowing up the rock to opening and regular operation: Konrad Beck tells the story of some of the people and machinery responsible for building the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Clear illustrations in the style of a wimmelbook describe the various stages of construction, accompanied by short passages of text explaining the images. A book for the generations celebrating the project of the century.


Available from mid-May.


CHF 24.90