The Gottardo app: a virtual journey through the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

Download the app “Gottardo 2016” and discover the Gotthard Base Tunnel in virtual reality. Experience travelling through the tunnel with fascinating interactive features such as a virtual recreation of the journey through the mountain or a 3D sightseeing flight over the Saint-Gotthard Massif. Or get to work and dig through the 57-kilometre long Gotthard Base Tunnel yourself.

You can download “Gottardo 2016” for iPhones and Android smartphones here:

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The virtual Gottardo experience

You can enjoy these fun virtual reality features:

Gottardo App

1. Direttissima: Fly over the Gotthard and discover the tunnel and region from high above.

Gottardo App

2. Race: Which route over the Gotthard is the fastest? Follow the race between the old railway line, the road and the new Base Tunnel from a bird’s eye view.

Gottardo App

3. Gallery: Visit the Gotthard Base Tunnel from within on an impressive virtual tour.

Google Cardboard

We recommend using Google Cardboard to experience the virtual reality features in 3D. Google Cardboard is a holder made from cardboard that turns your smartphone into a pair of virtual reality glasses, allowing you to enjoy the full Gottardo VR experience in 3D. Cardboards can be purchased from our partner VR Cardboard. You can also always use the app’s virtual reality feature without a Cardboard – simply choose the corresponding feature in the app.


The tunnel game

gottardo game

Re-enact the tunnel’s construction and dig through the Gotthard Massif. The more money you earn on the build, the better the tools you can buy to make even faster progress.

gottardo app informations screen

And you’ll learn some useful facts about the project of the century more or less as you go along.